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  • What is Pro Se 101?
    Prose 101 is an online platform which provides services to accommodate your legal documentary needs. We are passionate in helping clients make their legal documents independently and remotely without the hassle of paying a visit to the law firm. It helps and empowers users to be able to represent themselves on various legal processes.
  • Is Pro Se 101 a law firm?
    We are not a law firm, nor groups of attorneys. We are best in providing your paralegal documents. We do not give legal advice nor appear in courts as representatives for our valued clients.
  • What is a Pro Se Process?
    The Latinterm "pro se" means "for oneself" or "on behalf of oneself." It is a legal practice where individuals represent themselves in pending legal proceedings before administrative bodies or courts. In lay person's terms Pro Se is basically a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) process wherein the person creates his/her/their own legal documents for filing to the court or administrative body.
  • How does Pro Se 101 work?
    Our site contains various questionnaires depending upon the needs of our client; these questionnaires are found on the Questionnaires page. Download the form that is relevant to the legal process you are looking to represent yourself. Fill them out and email them back to us at or upload using the upload button in the form found on the Questionnaires page. The data submitted to us through the filled-up forms shall be used for the composition of the legal document.
  • Since Pro Se Process is a DIY, how can Pro Se 101 help me?"
    Pro Se 101 can help you prepare your legal filing documents by preparing it for you, based on your answers to our questionnaire(s). Our staff at Pro Se 101 have years of experience in many legal document preparation. Since our rates are way cheaper then attorneys, yo save a lot of money using us.
  • I have received my document from Pro Se 101, is my legal process done?"
    No. After you receive the documents that we have prepared for you, you still need to sign the same (in front of a witness), and file it in the appropriate court or administrative body. Having Pro Se 101 prepare the legal document(s) for you save you time and a lot of money.
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